August 30, 2007


Well I had these pictures of Azabu Juban from my trip and I figured why not upload them.
When I first watched the SM anime, there were a lot of signs of Azabu Juban but it was mostly translated as "Park number 10" or " High School number 10" so I thought it was just some random name they had given to those places. Then I came across the name on a map and I immediatetly said to myself "I HAVE TO GO". If I had known about THIS TOUR some Sailor Moon fans took last year I sooooooo would have gone, but I had no idea, but then again, I visited most places they did on my own... anyways, here is my picture of Azabu juban with some anime scenes, but there is a link at the bottom of the post where you can find EVEN MORE pictures and comparisons anime/manga vs. real life.


August 24, 2007

Yeyness! SM Coldcast get!

Hey Moonies!

Well, I'm back home from my trip in Japan. I was away for a whole month and was lucky enough to visit most places I wanted to go to. Twas awesome!! Another one of my goals was to get Sailor Moon merchandise, but as I mentioned on another post, there is not much to be found. At least not that easily.

I went to at least three Mandarakes, and about 15 anime shops in Akihabara, but I couldn't get the huge SM figure I wanted. So sad about that, but just as I was about to board the train home, I decided to look into a shop close to the station and VOILÁ!! I found one of the cold cast figures I was searching for! SO lucky!!! IT was so funny trying to figure out how to communicate with the store clerk! I wanted to make sure it was indeed a cold-cast figure and not a Garage Kit, but my Japanese was so bad we couldn't understand each other, so we resorted to hand signs. I was all *paint paint paint* gesture, and he was saying YES. But I was... "yes is she pre-painted? or yes does she need to be painted?". OMG What an adventure. When we figured it out it was all good. :D WOOHOO!!!! And BTW it wasn't as expensive as the little SM-myu gashapon I saw before, OMG oO!

Cold Cast Prepainted Porcelain Figure.


I know there are tons of images of this figure all around the web, but this one is mine, so it's photoworthy xD!

August 23, 2007


Will someone PLEASE buy me this?!?!?
I haven`t been able to get my greedy hands on the INFINITY Artbook, but I haven't given up yet, someday I will. As all SM fans know, it is a rare book published by Naoko Takeuchi herself, but I did't realize there was actually any merchandise from that book.

I found this picture on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

August 22, 2007


Well, no news for today.
HEhehehehehee... today is Neptune day. I'm still drawing those quick, horrible, color penciled sketches, I know I could do better but I seriously have fun finishing them really fast xD.

August 20, 2007


I have decided that if I want comments and visits, I should update more often, even if it's just to upload the ocasional fanart I draw, so today I'll upload a drawing. Keep in mind that most of the drawings I upload in this blog are ONLY in this blog and not on Deviantart where I normally upload my "art", even though the watermark on the images is my DevArt page. I just watermark it like that cause.... dunno, I want to. xD

Today it's Sailor Mercury day for me HAHAHAHHAHA!! I drew Uranus last time and I kinda enjoyed the technique so I gave it another try. I finished it in just like 40 mins, so it's not that pretty, but I hope you enjoy it anyways.


August 19, 2007


Ok, I finally found a figure that I don't have and that I DO want. HOWEVER it is ridiculously expensive!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! TT_____________TT

26 000 Yen?!?!?!?!! Like 250 dlls!!!!!! Just for a Gashapon?!?!?!? I mean.. yes, it is truly a unique gashapon because it was only sold during the presentation of the 10th Anniversary of Sailor Moon Musical, and it was very limited and whatnot. But then again, it's just a regular gashapon!!!!!! Should I buy it???!?!?!?! I'm not rich!!! All I wanted was that huge Sailor Moon figure and now it seems that I should settle for this thingie... >________________< AARRRGGHH!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOO?!?!?!??!

UPDATE: Did not buy. Still want.

August 16, 2007


I have been to no less than 20 figure stores and have found no trace of any Sailor Moon figures, or at least not the ones I'm looking for. I did find the Kaiyodo figure I talked about last post but they were sold out and the one they had was only display.

I'm saying: "I found it but it`s not for sale"

I've also been to a bunch of USED anime stuff including A HUGE Book Off Store about an hour away form Tokyo and had no luck. Oh well, I guess I'm not destined to have it.

Anyways, I'll keep looking. Ohh and I drew a Sailor Uranus running... I never draw her, and I hardly use colored pencils anymore, but I really wanted to do it. I think it came out kind of ok. x3