March 27, 2008

Moon Moon, Purinsesuuu

Hello to all Moonies!!!

I went to Houston last week and I was lucky enough to visit the NASA Center there. I think that the NASA at Cape Canaveral is so much more fun, but I enjoyed this one 'cause I remembered that Mrs. Takeuchi had gone there and saw the rocket Saturn V, took a picture in front of it and it is printed in one of her mangas.

HAHA!!! I took a picture like that but I won't post it. It came out horrible. HORRIBLE I tell you! :p

On my way out I stopped by the souvenir shop and bought a great Moon poster. Just a plain black picture with a Moon on it. I couldn't stop staring at it and once it went on my wall. It was so crisp and shinny! I had the idea for this picture after looking at the poster for hours.

Hope you like!!