June 11, 2008

Encounters of the funny kind.

Hi everyone!!

How's the hunt going?? Are you having fun???
I too am looking for the image I want. I have found it a couple of times in different webpages but its pretty small and lo-res. I wonder why it's so hard to find. Oo

Searching for it through so many online SM galleries is quite frustrating, specially because the images are reapeated over and over again, I feel like I've seen them all before and after a while it even gets boring. But once in a while, only once in a while, I find drawings that aren't that common, and better yet, images that make me laugh out so loud I wake up my cats!! BBWWWAAAHAhahaAHAHAAHAha!!!

An infant Sailor Moon x3

An elderly Sailor Moon

I know these are just screenshots from the anime, I think they're from the first season, I'm not really sure. Regardless, I wonder if SM would have to let go of her cane to use her scepter. Or maybe she just walks towards the enemy and HITS them with it on their head... xDDDDDDD

Awwww that's mean. u.u

Also I found a site dedicated to emphasize the chibi, super-deformed and other funny faces made by the characters. HAHAHAHA!!!! I used to love that!!!! The super-deformed faces were sooooo funny and expressive to me, I'm so glad The Funny Faces Gallery exists.... XD

Anyways. Back to the image hunt!