July 20, 2008



Who rules!?!?!?!!?


Well, I'd love to go into details of my day at the anime convention, but normally conventions in Mexico aren't that much of a big deal, they are just a huge indoor flea market. Oo

I'll just skip to the *interesting part*. I knew there would be plenty of people be at the Voice Actors conference so I told my best friend Enis that we should go into the conference room around 12 pm and the actual presentation was going to be at 3pm... and it was already full!!!!!!

We sat and waited FOR THREE HOURS. Finally while on the main stage there was a band playing Naruto and DragonBall themes, I saw Patricia Acevedo walking towards the stage. Since the conference was running late, she sat down REALLY REALLY CLOSE TO ME. I thought to myself ¨If I go now, she will listen to ME. If I wait till after the conference, everyone will know who she is (not everybody knows what she looks like or who she is) and I will never get my autograph or picture.¨

So I went up to her and talked. She was actually the coolest person EVER. I was shaking after I talked to her. SHAKING. I felt ashamed in front of my friend that I was shaking just because I met a voice actress. I mean, it's not like shes Angelina Jolie or anything. But I just realized she was HUMAN. But she's a human I admire. It was a good feeling.

I had built up A LOT energy after meeting Patricia, so I jumped and yelled and bit my friend's arm over and over again for hours after I had left the convention.
It was so much fun xDDDDDD

Yesh. I bite. :[]

I never buy things at conventions anymore because they are overpriced and all, but I found some plush dolls I hadn't seen before (I bought all senshi except Uranus because that ran out of that plushie) and Patricia signed on one of those dolls.

Cycyn is so happy right now.