January 16, 2009


Hello to all Moonies.
I have a bit of a bad news today.

I'll keep it short. As some of you know, I am at the time in Mexico City, and it is a dangerous place. Just today I was a victim of armed robbery. They took our car and my laptop inside with them.

Thankfully, only one of us was hurt and is doing better now.

However, after the shock, the fear, and the images of recent memories of what happened that are burning in my head, I realized that most of my Moonie stuff was lost.( IE. Images, the SM Vlog intro stuff, etc) not to mention the loss of some other material property.

As much as I LOVE the SMObss, and I hate to do this, the SMObss is officially on hiatus for an indefinite period of time or until further notice. I simply don't have the strength to write anything at the moment. I need time to calm down, get some rest, do what I have to do if I want to get my things back and most importantly, get on with my life so that I can enter the Moonie vibe again.

I would be very grateful if you refrain from insulting the men who assaulted us. I am not a resentful person, and I thank them for not hurting us any further.

My Love to all of you. <3


January 14, 2009


I got nothing today. Nothing.

Here. Look at my old drawings. Yey.

January 11, 2009

What more can I say?

hat more can I say about the awesomeness that is Saraqael aka Zan. She is too cool for my lame words.

January 8, 2009

Dress the Senshi Up.

Hello to all!!! It's 6:30 am.....................



Grrrrr... why am I awake??

Anyway. Here's an interesting little game. Dress the senshi up. No kidding. Oddly enough it was a lot of fun dressing the senshi with the WRONG colors!! HAha!

These games and a TON of others HERE and HERE

Go Wild. XD

Seems that everything I've posted lately is OLD NEWS, but what can I say? The SMObss wasn't created to inform. It's just an outlet for my fan obsessions that annoy people in real life. u.u

January 5, 2009


This video seems really odd. The last thing I would ever think of is SM interpreted by a metal group during a concert. Does-not-compute. Fun to watch anyway. I'm not really a fan of the American version of Moonlight Densetsu, but hey, it's still Sailor Moon xDDD!!!


January 3, 2009

What is this!?

Ok. This must be fan art. I know that. Strangely enough, its really hard for me to accept that fact completely. Is it possible to create fanart SO darn CLOSE to the anime?? I mean, I was 90% sure this was some kind of "official" image until DUUUHHHH I noticed they were wearing Eternal suits which never happens in the anime.

WHO did this?? What was the purpose of this image??? To make me go insane?! Its working!!!

And what about this other one?! This exact scene NEVER appears in the anime!! Or anything like that. Right?? I AM GOING INSANE!!!! In a good way, of course. XD

And this is exactly WHY I put a huge watermark on my images.

Now we have no idea how to find the artists who took this adorable photo and who produced the incredible drawings. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

Any info on these artists would be greatly appreciated xD.

Speaking of fan made images, check out these SERA-MYU DE-motivational posters!!
H I L L A R I O U S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Awesome stuff. Found on random forums.

January 1, 2009




I MISSED YOU ALL. SO MUCH TwT. Even the ones that never leave a comment. I hope you are all enjoying the Holidays!!

I had an interesting holiday. My whole family and I went to the Caribbean. All 21 of us Oo.

But that's not what's important on this blog. What's really important is: WHAT SAILORMOON GOODIES DID I BRING FOR YOU?!?

NONE! HA. There are no SM related stuff at the beach.


We were at Ft. Lauderdale driving around and I was just looking out the window, all bored and stuff and I saw SOMETHING that made me yell. I just shouted "NOOOO!!" and scared everyone next to me. They thought I had seen something really awful, like a kid getting hit by a car or something like that. Fortunately, they were WAY OFF. I saw THIS:

I made them go back so that I could take lots of pictures from the moving car XDDDDD

Yes I know it has NOTHING to do with SM, sorry about that, it's just that - quoting blogger Sakky- "I see the world through Sailor Moon colored lenses" and I was so sure it said SAILORMOON. You would have thought so too if you'd seen it from a moving vehicle. It even has stars in the name XD

Oh Cool! Their website works! XDDDD