October 30, 2009


The SMObss is on vacation!

Cycyn will leave for quite some time, but I may tweet once in a while so make sure to follow the SMObss twitter. Meanwhile, you can visit any of the links and blogs I have listed on the left side ===>

See you guys later!

October 26, 2009

SM vs. Real Life Volume: 6 - Crystal Tokyo vs. The Naica Crystal Caves

Sorry to burst your bubble Moonies and Naoko Takeuchi. Crystal Tokyo, contrary to popular belief will not be in Japan at all. Nope. It'll be here, in Mexico.


No, SRSLY. Take a look at these incredible pictures of the Naica Crystal Caves!! There is no other place as huge and incredible like this on the planet! It's 1000 feet underground and all but.... we just have to wait for that Galaxia/Serenity fight for it surface.

This cave is located in the state of Chihuahua, north of the country. They are mostly SELENITE crystals which according to Wikipedia is "most often transparent and colorless: it is named after Greek σεληνη= "the moon".

Coincidence?... How about this other coincidence: The name "Mexico" means "Moon's Navel" in ancient Nahuatl language. HAAAAAAAaaaaa!!


Sadly, according to the official Naica website, these caves are doomed to disappear in the near future, as superheated water will fill the cave and they will become inaccessible. I have heard though that there are plans for pumping out the water and making it accessible to the public sometime in the future. YAY!

For more pics you can visit THIS LINK.
Crystal Tokyo from The Oracle.
Naica photos from Google Images.

October 23, 2009

Pricess Kakyuu dances.

Hmmm... I rarely see any Kakyuu merch, but this figure made my jaw drop right down to the first floor (I'm on a fourth floor xD!)

Apparently it's not new (2006), but it's new to me!! I've looked for a figure like this FOR YEARS!!, I've never seen it, not even on Ebay. I feel like... like.... LIKE I NEED IT!!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! Stupid consumerism. Dx!!

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October 19, 2009

The Price is ALMOST Right. Item # 3.

How to play: A random SM related article will be selected on Ebay and you have to write down in the comments whether you think it will be sold or not and how much it will sell for. The one who gets the price right (or the closest without going over) wins!!!

Remember that if you get it right, you will win ONE point. Once you reach 5 pts., I will send you a gift you to wherever you are!


The Price is ALMOST Right: Item no. 3

Almost life size Sailor Moon statue

This toy/statue/promotional item/whatever you want to call it is kind of ugly, her face is slightly different and looks...just.... OFF. I don't like it but it would make a good collector's item, and I've seen a couple of these sell for more than this one is right now. So, what do you guys think?? Will it sell?? For how much??

Remember that the one who guesses the closest to the actual selling price without going over, wins the point!! :]

Only a few days left!!

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October 15, 2009

Wha???? SM even had a tetris game?!?!

Sailor Moon TETRIS!! How can I be this ignorant about Sailor Moon games?? Well, maybe because I'm not a gamer at all, but I thought I had a general idea of what kind of games where out in the market. Apparently, I still got a lot to learn.

And... THEY EVEN HAVE THE CUTEST COMMERCIAL FOR THIS, it fills my heart with the case of AAAawwwwww-s!!! <3

Chibicommercials FTW!!!!!!!

Maybe most of you knew about this SM Tetris game but this is what I love about SM: There is always something new to discover out there.

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October 10, 2009


About a year ago, I talked about how (to me) the essential part to a GOOD cosplay was SHAPE. I will quote myself: XD

You see, Naoko has a very particular way of drawing the Sailor suit: The length of the skirt is actually pretty short (it's shorter than the wrist in an extended arm) and we know it's pleaded but Naoko doesn't draw it that way, she draws very wavy rounded skirts, and they are so "puffed" that the skirt never just falls, it's always like... floaty.

I very rarely encounter cosplays that have these attributes, even in Japanese ones. But then comes Kaiten Komachi and proves us that it CAN be done!!! These two girls have been cosplaying FOREEEVVVEER, I first heard about them about 6 years ago, but they're still going strong. I think Barbie is the girl who plays Usagi and Kaie is the one dressed as Mina.

Granted, I know the girls aren't exactly what we have in mind for Usa or Mina, but I'm just paying attention to their costumes. ARE THESE NOT ABSOLUTELY AMAZING?

They got every little detail exactly right!!!! It's sooo so pretty. Their Sailor Moon Gallery is HERE. Their other cosplays can be found HERE. They are the girls behind this very famous photo session:

I used to have a bunch of pics of their cosplays. I'll look for them and post them later.

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Awesome Fanart.

And as usual, this is just a collection of incredible fan work I find in DeviantArt made by different artists. Purely for inspirational purposes. So... GET INSPIRED!!!! :]

Please visit the artists' galleries for more!

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October 4, 2009

Fill in teh Blank!! - Phrase 2.

It's kind of a "Caption This" contest, only that I will give you a small introduction/guide to start your caption with. I'll rely on the SMFFG image base for this game.

Contrary to most games on the SMObss which are based on "facts", this game will be very arbitrary. I alone will decide who the winner is. To read more about how I will choose a winner, you can read THIS post.

Fill in the blank according to the image I posted. Your phrase doesn't necessarily have to reflect what is actually going on in the scene, you can even insert characters or situations that aren't related to the image at all. You have up to three or four days to think about it and write it down. If I see that visitors are STILL posting answers, I'll extend the deadline. ANYBODY can win this one!!! Of course, the funniest wins ONE point.

Fill in teh Blank!! - Phrase 2.

"Umino wrote down____________________."

Have fun!! :]

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