August 29, 2010

Quick Post

A really really REALLY quickie one today Moonies...

I found this cel for sale online but my question here is: A cel from WHAT exactly?? This doesn't look like any scene from the anime or of the covers for any DVD box. It could be from a commercial but position here seems kind of static ... maybe it's a still, but... FOR WHAT? A toy? a movie? A poster?

What do you guys think?? Does anybody actually KNOW? Can YOU identify the image?

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August 22, 2010

SM vs. Real Life Volume: 7 - Mamoru vs. Darien, GA.

Hey Moonies! I haven't made a SM Vs. Real Life in a Long time! I LOOOVE making these, it's like my chance to share with people who can actually understand me about all the random little things I find in my everyday life that always remind me of Sailor Moon in one way or another.

On the blog I normally refer to the characters by their Japanese name, just to avoid any confusion because names change from adaptation to adaptation. As many readers know, I first watched Sailor Moon in the Latin American dubbed version. Strangely, we got half and half. Meaning our local broadcaster acquired the first two seasons from DIC even before THEY aired it, so we got Zoicite as a girl, Ail/An were called Alan/Ann, hell we even got Sailor "Plut" (since the name "Pluto" was already registered by Disney in the US). We also got the American names aka Serena, Rini, Amy, Lita, Rei, Mina and Darien. At this time DIC hadn't yet bought the rights to S, SuperS or Stars, so our broadcaster bought if from Japan, thus we got Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna (In R, we met Sailor Plut, but not Setsuna), Hotaru, Seiya, Yaten, Taiki, etc.

Anyway that's beside the point. The point is that name-wise I'm sort of biased. I'm very much in love with the names I grew up with. Specially Darien... OOOOoohhh Darien. That name would make me melt. Tuxie was my first anime crush, and when I say "crush" I mean OBSESSSSSSSSION. I always felt that cute guys only fell for the "Barbie" like girls, and so here is this mega hunk who appears whenever Usagi is in trouble and he is actually IN LOVE despite her being clumsy, lazy, ungraceful, loud, childish, crybaby and permanently hungry. In other words he loved her for who she was and not because of her looks.

And I was exactly like Usagi was. Ungraceful and all that. But I thought that Darien (or a human equivalent) COULD fall for me. Why not!? I mean, there must be someone on the planet who can love another person for who she is... RIGHT!?!?!?

Wrong. For me anyway. I envy you, you lucky Moonieluckers who are dating/getting married (I'm eyeing you Eku, Sakki and Ella)...

AAAANYWAY, that TOO is beside the point... man I am WAY off today, sorry about that. I'll get to the point nao. I was driving to Florida and I came across a town. It's a tiny tiny town in South Georgia, srsly, if you blink, you'll miss it. But guess what the name of the town is:


My poor poor co-pilot absolutely freaked out when I began yelling like a tween at a Bieber concert! You can imagine the scene: We're quietly driving with a peaceful "Chill-out" tune on the radio, the road is quite calm, the passengers are sleeping, the co-pilot staring out the window and Cycyn is driving. A few more hours to get to our destination. Cut to next scene Cycyn yelling her lungs out making a violent stop and crossing over three lanes to catch the exit. All the passenger are SCARED for dear LIFE!!!



Needless to say nobody understood my excitement and even when I explained it caused a major wave of rolling eyes.But you guys get me!!! Now I know there are a TON of other cities called "Darien" but this was a first for me. XD!

Much to my dismay, Darien is no Darien. It's not pretty. NOT AT ALL. No crystal buildings, no rose gardens, no hawt boys. It's a sad little town. I'd love to say that it has charm but srsly, I drove in took some pics and got the hell outta there! XD! (No offense to the good people of Darien, I'm sure they're a great communiy). Here are just a few pics. If you look closely to the last one, there is a sign that says "Darien Police Department", it's so tiny and cuuuute! XD!

I don't think our Darien would live here. It would be hazardous for his health if you know what I mean *wink wink*

Pictures by Cycyn
Mamoru from The Oracle.

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August 14, 2010

Sailor Moon Crochet Patterns

Hi Moonies! Posts have slowed down a bit, but fear not! There is plenty of stuff I still want to blog about. For instance these crocheted dolls. I talked about them during the Live Chat I held three months ago, and somebody (I think it was SailorMusic) even corrected my ugly pronunciation of the word "crochet" (|krōˈsh ā|) Haha!

I mentioned that I had found my crocheted dolls on Ebay and always thought they were entirely designed by fans, but the other day I stumbled upon the actual patterns to produce them! The official Japanese ones! (Toei sticker on them and all) ... Image quality is terrible though, sorry about that. I'm posting them if you're curious and for any expert out there who can actually figure them out.

Do these dolls fall into the fanart category? If they were produced using specific guidelines it wasn't really entirely produced from scratch by a fan, right? I guess it's the same paradox applies to fans filling in the colors of a coloring book. I'm not diminishing any work produced by fan, just wondering y'know.

Anyway, WANT MORE!!! XD!



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August 3, 2010

Vintage Doctor Corset, Take 2.

Another totally cute Vintage Doctor SM corset!

 I'm sure most of you remember the first corset they produced a few years ago. This is another kind of corset with the same fabric I'm guessing, but equally adorable!! x33

If I looked this good, I would totally wear this, but since I look like a Fantasia ballerina hippo, I'll have to just stare at these pics... *eats a bucket of ice cream * u.u.

HERE is Vintage Doctor's Website
HERE you can find this corset and
HERE is VD's Etsy store.