August 6, 2011

I saw and didn't buy it on Ebay. Volume 19

Hey Moonies! Are you ready for another extra frustrating and saddening "I saw it" entry?

This time it's not just one thing I didn't buy, it's a lot of little things: OFFICIAL BOOTLEGS....Wait...what?! Bootlegs, by definition are NOT official items, right? Yeah, I know, but let me explain:

See, for every wand or rod from the Sailor Moon series, there is an "official" RPG toy. I'm talking about the versions that are really high-end shiny props. They all have sounds effects, blinking lights and IRS which activates other items like transformation pens, brooches and even dolls! They are usually painted with metallic gold and intense saturated colors, which makes them look very polished and shinny! They're all made at a 1:1 scale, so what you're holding is about the size Sailor Moon wands would be in real life. These are the versions everybody wants.

If you follow the SMObss twitter, you probably have been exposed to all my recent whining. For some reason, I suddenly became obsessed with obtaining the high-end RPG toys. I've been a Moonie for about 15 years and in all this time, I have never been interested in wands. NEVER. I always felt like dolls were my thing. I've collected them for all these years and felt quite satisfied. Out of nowhere, I got this uncontainable URGE to get wands and brooches!! Maybe because they're pretty, maybe because they're highly collectible, or because deep down I feel my collection was incomplete. Whatever the reason, I now bang my head on the walls, because I let too many years pass by without buying them when they were much more affordable. Nowadays, a Japanese RPG toy will NEVER go under 100 dollars, and sellers are jacking up the prices like mad lately!!  D:

So what other option do we have besides spending ridiculous amounts on "official" shinies? Well, the cheaper versions are a great alternative!! This is what I meant by "official bootlegs". If we consider the high quality ones a replica from the anime, then the others are just cheap copies, like a bootlegs, although some are indeed official. They're pretty low-end with bad paint jobs, poor quality materials, no sound or light effects, and pretty much non-collectible. These are made for those who don't want to spend as much money or give their toys a rough time by actually PLAYING with them. There are both okay-ish and ugly versions. This is now my "I didn't buy it" nightmare because maybe I SHOULD HAVE bought these toys when they were up for grabs. They're cheap and just might fill that "RPG TOY VOID" that appeared in my life.

The first photo is my very favorite!! Those articles were on Y!J FOREEEEEEEVERRRR!! I was all: "Ew! Who would want those cheap RPG wanna-be toys?" But looking at them closely, all the items are actually VERY CUTE!! Even those plastic-y colors are cool, they seem more anime-ish. The Stallion Reve (orb) colors are all wrong, but as part of the set, combined with the rest of the articles, it looks SOOO GOOD!

I AM PISSED! This set was PERFECT example of lower quality items that were pretty. Why, oh WHY did I let it go? There are a BUNCH of other versions I posted below. 

Now that I've started collecting RPG toys, I'll be bankrupt for the next few years, but I definitely will try to get these versions too. I REALLY REALLY think they have a cute side! I mean, c'mon! They're not something that just barely resembles SM articles or kind of Moon-esque, they are carefully modeled  after the anime designs with every detail!

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in any of these kind of collectibles? Are they too ugly for you? Do they look too fake/cheap? Do you prefer the high-end versions? Would you just want them to fill the void, like me? Let me know what you think in the comments!!

That's it! Happy hunting!