September 29, 2011

M°OnieTunes - Episode 7!

Hi Moonies!!

September 13th finally arrived and with it, brought in a wave of Moonie awesomeness! We finally have the long-awaited Sailor Moon and Sailor V mangas! When we recorded this, I hadn't received my copies yet, however, our friends Eku, Brad, Dan and Elly weigh in the pros and cons of this new version. We also have a little chat about new Hot Topic and GEAnimation goods, a little bit of PGSM as well. We are in exciting times Moonies! It's absolutely amazing we are part of this Sailor Moon revival movement! So grab a cup of tea and cookies and ENJOY!

Moonie Tunes - Episode 7! 

Eku, Brad, Elly, Dan and Cycyn  

Video and links to the stuff we 
talked about after the jump!

New Hot Topic shirt!

Old vs new Leg Avenue Sailor Moon costume:

The new GEAnimation  items!

The wallscroll I want. *hint hint* ;)

Moonkitty's Sailor Moon manga review:

UPDATE: Brad received his PGSM boxset!

 Fan Film previews!

UPDATE 2: I have recieved my Sailor Moon mangas!! #FINALLY!
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I shall read and and offer my own POV soon!

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