February 28, 2011

M°OnieTunes. Episode 2!

A late night post on the very last day of February. Wow, we really dropped the ball on this, right on our second episode, but schedules were totally off for Eku and I. Not to worry! We pulled it together and here it is!! The Super annoying duo is back! We talked about... well, everything. Hopefully with BETTER audio. Oh and, fair warning: I might or might not YELL in the podcast. Watch your ears. ;)

You might notice, the host and player is new, I'm still figuring this whole "podcasting" thing out so please bear with me. Now remember Moonies, this is not a news report or anything, it's just me and Eku coming together and talking about Sailor Moon stuff, just as we would if we were hanging out at a house, lounging on the sofa. Just roll with it, grab a cup o' tea and enjoy!

Send me an email if you'd like to join in the conversation some time. Don't forget to mark your reaction (cool, cute, OMGWTF, etc) so we can know how we're doing. ;) 


Eku and Cycyn.

February 23, 2011

SM Cola. Volume 8 - Burlesque.

Alright, it's that time of the month...wait... no, not THAT time, xD!

It's time for another fabulous installment of the non-sensical Sailor Moon Cola! If you're a regular visitor of the blog, then you know exactly (not exactly) what to expect. If you're a new visitor, then you must know that the SM Cola are just random musings of a "WTF!?" nature.

I'm sure that , just as I have, most of you Moonies have often encountered the "other side of the coin" with SM. I'm talking about the whole sexualization of the super heroine thing. All of us have had these encounters, I assume. At this point, it doesn't surprise anyone that Sailor Moon is overly sexualized in so many ways. Not just SM though, Pretty much every famous anime out there has had some kind of "slutification" at some point. We know this. Girls in short skirts are provocative. *sigh*

So I was not at all surprised, but actually pretty amused when I found the following article:

From LA
"From nostalgic shows like Speed Racer, Pokémon and Sailor Moon to more grown-up fair like Fullmetal Alchemist and Neon Genesis Evangelion, "Devil's Playground" returned to Bordello on January 8 for Anime Babes, brought both humor and seriousness to the night. This wasn't cosplay, this was burlesque, with costumes that referenced the source material, but were made for dancing while taking the characters into different directions." 
Burlesque anime. It's all about burlesque these days. They had like five different dancers, and they looked like this:

But of course, we're interested in "The one named Sailor Moon"


LAWLAGE!! OMG I am SOOO amused right nao xD!!

I have to give her a few things: They did draw a very cute Luna on the Moon and it's sparkly! She also watched the hair length and random details like the roll around the skirt and the trim on the gloves... I mean, they could've just gone for the generic slutty "I sorta remember what it looked like" kind of costume, right?

Just a funny Moonie moment.

Original article is HERE, and slideshow is HERE. BE WARNED that boobies and butts abound so +18 viewers only plz. Totally NSFW and NSFMoonieSanity.

February 16, 2011

Weekly meeting premise.

Here's the deal Moonies.

Last weekend, I was suddenly struck with the fact that Sailor Moon has become an inertial state of mind for me and many others. We wake up, we're already in Moonieland. We go to sleep and we dream of SM stuff. Then, I realized I haven't actually *watched* the series for over 3 years!! Can you believe it? I've been writing the SMObss for all this time and I barely ever sat down to watch an entire episode. Granted, I had lots of reasons not to do it; Because I'm busy with school, reading, drawing, traveling or blogging, but mostly it was because I hated to sit down and watch it alone.

It's sad.

Can anyone imagine a comic-book fan going to the movies to watch the latest X-Men movie ALONE?? Normally he will gather with a group of equally nerdy friends and they will ALL get dressed and freak out together. Fun!! :D

Thus came to me the idea of organizing a group view of the anime, musicals or PGSM while we chat on our computers. Keep in mind that at this point, this is all up in the air.

At first I thought that we each watch our own DVDs in our own homes and we talk about it online, but not all Moonies have the possiblity of OWNING the DVDs (since its not for sale yet in most countries) and it's not fun if someone starts 20 minutes before everyone else, or if one pauses to go to the restroom and our conversation is phased out. Plus, you don't go to the theater with your friends and watch the movie in different rooms. It defeats the purpose. So came the idea to livestream episodes once or twice a week.

Now, of course first thing that comes to mind is: COPYRIGHT. We mean no harm here. We certainly DO NOT mean to infringe in any copyrighted material. But let me re-place the pieces here:

Sailor Moon is a Japanese product, launched from 1989-2004 in its different formats (manga, anime, musicals, live action, etc). All licensing belongs to Takeuchi Naoko/Toei/Kodansha/Nakayoshi. The idea of piracy is copying said material and making a profit out of it. A pirate who uploads videos to an online storage server and gives away free copies of the material is also in violation for re-distributing the videos.

If you, dear Moonie across the screen from me, were, say, my next door neighbor and we both happened to like Sailor Moon, we would gather in our living room and watch the licensed DVDs in a wide-screen TV. We might invite a few other friends over to enjoy the show as well. This is a perfectly acceptable premise. As long as it is home viewing of original DVDs for private entertainment, it's fine. Correct? If I sell tickets to enter, that would be the problem.

So, I'm thinking that streaming episodes online is NOT a copyright violation: Nobody is copying the material. I will not give the episodes to you. You will not have illegal copies of the material in your computer. We will not make a profit out of this. The show is currently NOT on TV so we aren't harming any mayor television companies. We believe we are reviving and uniting the community by making the series once again watchable for those who don't have access to it otherwise. Since it is forbidden to BROADCAST the anime (show it to a wide audience on TV, radio or internet), we would have a password protected room where only fans could enter and not the general population. The real life equivalent to being invited and knocking the door.

It's never our intention to damage Takeuchi Naoko or any other involved companies, we merely want to watch the episodes as a group of friends who happen to like Sailor Moon, yet we do not have the luck of being neighbors. We meet online.

What do you think Moonies? I really don't want to get anyone into any trouble here and much less would I want to damage the SM in any way, but since it's a gathering of friends with a non-profit intentions, I believe we are safe. I really would like some input, and if you know more about this, please tell us if what we are doing is wrong.

So, lets say that we all agree to do this (YAAAAYYY!! :D), we now have several options:

1- One episode a week. Saturday or Sunday. (It would take us four years to get through the anime)

2 - One episode a week. A weekday. (subject to vote)

3 - Two episodes once a week. Saturday or Sunday.

4 - Two episodes two days a week. One Saturday, one Sunday.

5 - Three or more episodes a week. Weekends.

6 - Three or more episodes a week. Weekends and Weekdays

7 - An episode a day. Every day (we might get to see anime, PGSM and musicals in a year or so)

8 - Free range. Any amount of episodes any day. (We do whatever we want to do! ANARCHYYYY! xD)

Personally, I think we should gather Saturday mornings and chat while we watch an hour of SM (two eps) and after wards continue to talk for another hour or so, sharing stories, links, fanart, cosplay pics, etc. and then we could all go back to our normal lives after that. xD! It's a way of gathering as a group of fans, getting to know each other and having a good time.

Let me know what you guys think!!

Now I don't want to do this alone. I want to do it because in my real life I don't have Moonie friends, it's hard to meet such passionate fans as you guys and I would genuinely want to know you better and talk about what matters to US, but I need help on this. Someone needs to join in with me and make this happen. If you want to take part in this, tell me so and COMMIT TO HELPING.

And if all fails, I'll just go to silently to watch my DVDs all depressed and alone to the far corner of my room. u.u

February 14, 2011

I saw and didn't buy it on Ebay. Volume 17


Okay this needs a "cuteness overload" alert xDD!!! This adorable tricycle was up for auction on . RARELY does an item like this appear on ANY auction site. Sadly this particular one was in poor condition, seems that many years of harsh weather and sun really hit it, but I also like the thought that it probably made a child very very happy. Heck! Its very existence makes ME happy. :D!!

Alright, show of hands: Who would have LOVED on of these as a kid?


and... as an adult?


February 9, 2011

Quick Post

Hey Moonies!! Just a really quick entry today. You know how when we first saw Mamoru give Usagi the engagement ring, we all screamed, jumped, squealed, were totally excited and maybe even cried a bit?? ( if you were unaffected by it, GTFO!!! Dx). Then our first thought was: "I TOTALLY WANT TO GET MARRIED WITH THAT RING!!!!" (or something along those lines)...

Well, the other day, I recieved a mail form a Moonie who shared the cutest story and it melt my heart. Turns out she and her wife DID make that wish come true!! This is her story:

"My wife and I got married on the October the second of this year and we (more like I) wanted a Sailor Moon themed wedding. But we didn't want it to be so obvious. I based my wedding ring off of Usagi's. So I still got the pink heart sapphire in the middle and three diamonds on each side! Also, our wedding colors were teal and gold in honor of Haruka and Michiru. We walked down the aisle to the Sailor Moon locket theme. 
Hope this put a smile on your face! ^_^ Have a wonderful night! Also I sent you a pic rather old mind you when me and my wife cosplayed as Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!"

How awesome is this story, guys!? Adorbs!! Congrats to Alejandra and her wife (Rhea, I think, she didn't mention) on their marriage and I hope their days are full with Moonie happiness! <3

How about you guys? I know some of you have gotten Usagi's engagement ring (PrettyNeko), others might have a Moonesque story. SHARE WITH US!!!! :D!!

February 4, 2011

Kick-A Moonie fan vid.

That is all.

Musical vids are Moonkitty's "thing" but I can't just let this kind of awesomeness just slip past me. XD

End of post.