July 24, 2011

More Moonie Balloon Madness!!

A new unusual fan artist!

Sonia is a very talented balloon twister and she runs a blog where she uploads pictures of her most recent creations. From what I found on her site, she is very immersed in the "balloonie"culture (is that a word? xD) and she makes everything: dresses, hats, flowers, animals and famous movie/TV characters like Rainbow Brite, Tinker Bell and Yoda. Of course, what really caught my attention were her Sailor Moon figures!! Aren't they super ADORABLE!?!?! I like the last version a bit more because of the pastel colors. I think I'd be too depressed to see them deflate though ;_;

The first two pics were posted HERE and the other two Sailor Moon balloon figures are HERE, or you can visit Rainbow of Balloons for Sonia's other twisting goodness!! :D

Oh, and while we're at it: Do you guys remember our previous balloon twist cosplayer? I just found this other one that is hilarious!! WE EVEN HAVE GIANT LUNA, PEOPLE!!! GIANT LUNA IN THE HOUSE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Super funny! Don't take my word for it, LOL at it for yourself:


Sailor Balloon and Luna costumes can be found at: Pictures and video are from BayCon 2006.

July 20, 2011

M°OnieTunes - Episode 6!

Hello again, Moonies!!

Well, here we again, our now bi-monthly podcast is now here!! YAY!!! I was so excited to record this one because I wanted it to be male driven, so I gathered a few volunteers who were pretty enthusiastic to be part of it. It all started when somebody mentioned how many boy Moonies are actually out there, normally Sailor Moon is more of a girl thing, but they prove me wrong! Boys also know how to appreciate the colors, the story, the music and they even embrace the cheezy moments too!! Haaaa!!

Because we are all in different countries, we had a very hard time recording. Connections dropped, there was a lot of lag, overlapping, we interrupted each other, there were awkward silences, incomplete sentences and so on. I have edited the contents to the best of my ability to minimize the choppiness but there will still be times where we might seem to change the subject; that was because someone's connection dropped and the conversation pace was broken. Bear with us Moonies! It was really fun! Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Towards the end, I said the podcast was TWICE a month, but what I meant was bimonthly, once every TWO months. Our next one will be in September, around the time the manga comes out, so that'll be exciting. The podcast is open to all, just drop me a line if you would like to join us and share your experiences as a Moonie!

Comments, opinions and lols are greatly appreciated and encourage dialog. Don't hesitate lo let us know what you think! Also, by marking your reaction (cool, cute, OMGWTF, etc) you can let us know how we're doing. ;)

Brad, Ramses, Corey, Willie and Cycyn!! :D

 I love how the "Moonie pose" is automatic. XD!!

Videos and links to  the stuff 
we talked about after the jump!

July 15, 2011

Fill in teh Blank! - Phrase 6.

Hello again you crazy Lunatics!!

We've got ourselves a new "Fill in teh Blank" contest! Where you can show everyone how witty and clever you really are!! You guys already know how this works: It's kind of a "Caption This" contest, only that I will give you a small introduction/guide to start your caption with. I will change things this time and use the Kirari-PGSM gallery for this. :D!

Contrary to most games on the SMObss which are based on "facts", this game will be very arbitrary. I alone will decide who the winner is. To read more about how I will choose a winner, you can read THIS post.

Fill in the blank according to the image I posted. Your phrase doesn't necessarily have to reflect what is actually going on in the scene, you can even insert characters or situations that aren't related to the image at all. You have up to three or four days to think about it and write it down. If I see that visitors are STILL posting answers, I'll extend the deadline. ANYBODY can win this one!!! Of course, the funniest wins ONE point.


Fill in teh Blank!! - Phrase 6.

"Luna gave the Senshi a new mission: _________________"

MWAhaha!!! Remember to be creative!! G'luck!




Ponchis said...

"Luna gave the Senshi a new mission: Find-something-you-can-wear-from-a-dollar-store SLUMBER PARTY" Because we all know, all work and no play makes the scouts dull girls!"

July 8, 2011

Happy FOURTH anniversary, SMObss! :D

Yep yep yep. Four years, baby. FOUR YEARS! 

Every year I make a special entry celebrating the blog's anniversary, and every single year I say that it feels like 5 years have gone by, not one. Really, I feel so invested in my obsession that time flows a little bit slower.

To celebrate, I try to make either a wallpaper or a commemorative image of sorts, but this year I've been kind of uninspired to create any piece of fanart, so I just took the easy way and finished a VERY LAZY vector thingie (the original sketch with cute Diana is HERE). It's alright I guess, it could've been better. Anyway, every anniversary I also write down a list of accomplishments and new sections opened in the course of this year, so let's start with that:

-Finally! A semi-formal PODCAST!! I've been promising you guys a podcast for like 2 years, but I finally forced myself to seal the deal and produce it!!  Eku and I record "Moonie Tunes" as often as possible. Our last monthly podcast was in May, now they have become a bi-monthly feature, but worry not, there's no intention of ending them any time soon!! They're too much fun! :D!!

-Layout update. Yeah, that's it. I cleaned up and simplified the template, just simple little tweaks here and there. For those with a REALLY sharp eye, I re-did the logo and posted it with better quality. The original was pretty pixelated and blurry.

-Networking. The SMObss is no longer just the blog, I have now invested lots of time into Twitter to be closer to both sources of information as well as Moonies just like you!! Twitter is like a long hallway, where you walk by and listen to random conversations, find the latest gossip and chat with your friends. SO MUCH FUN talking to a lot of you! 

-SMObss Tumblr was also opened. Many don't understand Tumblr, I myself am still trying to be clear on  how it works, but one thing's for sure: IT'S AWESOME. And addictive. Mostly addictive. I like to refer to it as a Twitter for images. Instead of posting thoughts or links, you post images. This leads to an easier, more enjoyable visual experience. Fan art, toys, collections, memes, animated gifs, and funny moments are only part of all the visual yummies that can be found. All this is just to keep sharing info and being close to other Sailor Moon fans.

-NO FACEBOOK. I hate FB. The SMObss will have to do without it. :B

Now that I've listed all the accomplishments, I go on to list plans for the future. Unfortunately, there aren't many, just the usual: Produce a VLOG, draw more stuff, and make my own live action movie or series... HAHAhaha!! I do plan to do something with the manga. Kind of like a review, but more like a "biggest discoveries" section, where we can discuss new findings, details and a all little details from the manga that we didn't know about until now. This will be fun, what with new translation notes and stuff, we'll have plenty to talk about! 

And as usual, I can't end this post without acknowledging all of your supportive comments, the interesting links shared and the unconditional friendship you have given me through all the difficult times and long absences.  Thank you for your continued support and allowing the Sailor Moon Obsession blog to have a FOURTH anniversary!! This blog exists to inform and entertain, but mostly, just to be close to your guys!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MOONIES!

- Cycyn

July 6, 2011

Logo designs

As most of you are aware, the manga's impending release is only a mere two months away!! I thought the wait would be excruciatingly long, but somehow, it passed fairly quickly and now we're almost there Moonies!

After lots and lots of speculation, we finally have the final versions of both the Sailor Moon and Sailor V manga covers will look like. The imagery looks quite the same as the original japanese, but we finally have an official American logo!!

Sailor V has never been published before, so the logo is quite reminiscent of the Japanese logo, however, Kodansha did make an effort to create its own logo, giving the manga and anime different yet similar approaches. Also, the anime logo has only the words "Sailor Moon", while the manga incorporates the words "Pretty Guardian" in the title, as well as sticking to the more pink hues instead of the peachy ones. Other differences include the typeface, the swirls in the "S"and "M", a little more tracking (space between letters) and most noticeably, the placement and shape of the crescent Moon.
DIC Anime logo.
MIXX Manga logo.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Japanese logo.

Sailor Moon anime logo (International branding).

Sailor Moon manga logo.

So what do you think Moonies? Old school logos, international anime logo or New manga logo? Which one is you fave? Remember this is the look for all future mangas and products from now on!! Answer on the poll at the right! :D

EDIT: I barely noticed just now the so called "American" manga logo is not American, they've been using it on the reprint of the Italian manga for a long time now, so I'll refer to it now as the "new manga logo" to avoid confusion. I can't change the name on the poll though, :/....

July 4, 2011

Failed but not defeated!!

Hello again Moon freaks!!

If you were around on twitter this last June 30th, the day of Usagi's birthday, you must have gotten an explosion of tweets and RTs invading your timeline. We went ALL OUT to get our pigtailed sailor girl on the Trending Topics. Many spoke out on how cute Usagi and her friends are, others named their favorite manga or anime moments,  some just wanted to shout out how much they love Sailor Moon or how it has changed their lives and others expressed how much they wanted her back on TV. Most of us though, just spammed the hashtag #SailorMoon everywhere and hoped for the best!! This is what the activity map looked like:

Lotsa dedicated Moonies all around were helping out! Our super awesome friends from MoonChase also joined in the fun! They tweeted basic info on Sailor Moon, and interacted a bit with the Moonies, asking us our favorite memories and items we like to collect! Way to get us all talking :D!!

'Twas awesome! Lots of us connected more, we had a great time, we shared interesting links and websites. Speaking of which, we had a both MTVGeek and Peter Payne from Jlist send out tweets about the event as well, which shows there is still a lot of interest on the series amongst the more casual Moonies.

And of course, HUUUGEEE Moonie Clare Grant (actress and Seth Green's wife) 
was sure to post something about her undying SM love!!

Speaking of Seth and Clare, they made this geek video about a year ago.( ONE POINT to whom can point out the Moonie element, other than the actual shoutout they make in the song.) :O!

To make things more interesting, we began a massive sketch-out! Just to try and draw quick Sailor Moon pics in order to celebrate our birthday girl! I'm so sorry if I missed your drawing or if I didn't credit you, there were so many tweets and things going on, I missed who sent out what, and just saved the drawings. Let me know if any of these are yours and I'll be sure to credit :D!

 by ? and Miss Cheshyre 

by Miccos

HAHA!! by Ramses

by Sakky

by Rinimae


by Sailor Godzilla aka Ponchis

by Yours truly

And to answer your question: No. We didn't make #sailormoon trend. Very sad and frustrating, but we haven't given up yet!! We really want this to happen! Our next best chance is when the manga comes out in September. Let's propel her to the TWITTER TRENDING TOP! WOOooo!! lol XD!