April 29, 2012

Commissioned Fan Art!

Hello Moonie lovahs!

Posts are still slowly but surely coming. I promised myself that the SMObss would NOT be one of those kind of blogs that just suddenly start making excuses for not blogging and eventually just die off.

 NO! Not on this Moonie's watch! *points to self*

So, yeah, activity may be slow around here, but not dead. Most of the action is now on Twitter so be sure to follow @SMObss, also, Tumblr is a GREAT place to keep up with amazing fan art, other Moonie's collections, new merch and vintage finds as well! 

This time around, I just wanted to share a very nice fan art I commissioned to one of my best friends. His artist name Izumi Kasuga, but he is a very talented Mexican artist whom I've known for like 9 years now. We used to hang out at a manga café and we would talk about Sailor Moon and other stuff anime, way before there was Twitter or Facebook. Anyway, I've always loved his work, and while he did draw me SM sketches here and there , I always wanted a completed piece from him, but neither of us ever had the chance. Anyway, skip to 2012 and finally the time is right for both, so I finally get a chance to have a drawing and he has the chance to make me happy (LOL whut!?! XD) 

I asked him to take careful, step-by-step documentation of his process so I could post it here on the blog. He did take a BUNCH of pics and posted them to his Facebook. You can find every detail of the process here, but I'm just going to post the most significant parts below. Enjoy!

Final Composition! 

 He made it following my guidelines so it's just PERFECT for me! I lurve it to no end! OMG! I can't believe I get to keep this drawing! YAYYY!! Please WATCH Izumika's DA and FAVE this image HERE.