August 3, 2012

Update on Sailor Moon 2013 anime info.

Is this confirmation that Kotono Mitsuishi will reprise her Sailor Moon role??

Well, first of all: Happy first month of "we know we're getting a new anime!" Haha! A whole month of pure Sailor Moon bliss.... well, kinda.

Last month, a bunch of us woke up real early and glued ourselves to our computer screens to watch the the Live 20th Anniversary event hosted by NicoNico. There was a bunch of singing, cheering, laughing and crying--- well, on my side of the screen anyway. Those reporters who were invited to the actual event were incredibly boring, non-responsive a-holes. HAaaaa!

Several days later, we looked around the immense damages our Sparkly Moon Cyclone Flash has inflicted all over teh interwebs. All in a good way, of course. We've now had some time to digest the information and we've looked around probing for more hints wherever we can get them. ANYTHING will do. We are riddled with so many daunting questions about the future of the series, yet have very few REAL answers from the official sources.

I try to keep up with information as much as I can, but when you have a whole bunch of major news outlets contradicting each other, a bunch of fans all coming to their own conclusions based on their interpretation of what was said during the conference (including myself), and a whole lot of confusion, unfounded speculation and turned up hype, it is only normal that we end up with the mess we have now. So, I'm going to gather up my sources here and offer you a general view of what's to come in the following months. Keep in mind that I'm only a fan and have no information directly from any official sources, so take all this as unconfirmed news.

There are many different versions of the manga and anime, so we need a few terms to make things easier to follow. From now on, I will be referring to the various releases as follows: The 1991 manga is referred as the "Tankobon manga", the 1992 animation series is will be called "Classic anime", the 10th anniversary revamped publishing of the manga will be called "White manga" ('cause it's white! Get it?), The live action series of course is "PGSM", The 2013 anime will be referred as "Amazing SM" (like Spidey! Just go with it for now, 'kay? ¬¬) and future editions of the manga will be called "20th Edition Manga" (I know, right? GENIUS.)

Cool? COOL. So let's go by steps here:

June '12: At this point, Sailor Moon is making its way to international markets.

-The White manga is being published in the US, Italy, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, France and others.

-Many countries like Italy and Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and others are getting re-runs of the Classic Anime while Italy, Mexico and Brazil are getting the DVDs

July '12
-Amazing SM announced for 2013. After this a wave of interpretations and information starts popping up everywhere!! At first, we were so sure of so many things, then things started to change, we thought some things were confirmed some were denied, and as of now, we're almost exactly where we started. The only thing we know for certain is that the anime is coming back and Momoiro Clover-Z is singing the opening theme. That's all.

During the presentation, it was not said if the voice actors would return, not even Mitsuishi Kotono and Tohru Furuya's. We all assumed they would because of their presence during the event where they spoke very dearly about their characters. Later on, news started to float around whether they did or did not confirm their participation in the new anime. Kotono's online blog said something along the lines of "it would be nice to re-voice the anime", but still no confirmation.

However, a few days ago, she finally updated with a message that says something like "We had a very good two-way talk, it was fun! The Sailor lines have been decided. I was so nervous! (とっても良いお二方で楽しいトークでした!セーラーの生決め台詞、緊張したぁ〜。)

Judging from this pic she posted along with that comment, I'd say this is pretty much a YES, but she STILL hasn't said it out loud. The title of the blog post was "The prime three (big?) shots" I wonder if that means these are the three people behind the new anime? Oh GOD Kotono! We love love love you, but please stop talking in riddles!! We still have no other confirmation about the rest of the voice cast, but I strongly believe Kotono Mitsuishi and Tohru Furuya will return.Also, That stupid glare on that iPad makes it hard to read but it says: 'STARTS JULY 11th'. Are they talking about the airing of the new anime?? Who knows!  

UPDATE: I just checked the calendar. In 2013 July 11th is NOT a Wednesday, but this year it was. I wonder what started on the 11th then? Did the ANIMATION start then? UGGGHHHH SO CONFUSING! Lovely Japanese people in the pic, dun look at us with those happy faces that never share clear and precise information Dx.

-According to THIS Japanese blog, (and the help of Google Translate) the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary project is set to begin in the fall. At a pace of one book per month beginning in October the 20th Edition manga will be republished (10 Volume total) first. They want to reproduce it as faithfully as possible, including the color pages (Kodansha's US Twitter account has already confirmed they will be the same colored pages as before), and some newly written content. (probably new foot notes?). These will be A4 sized in a boxed presentation. As far as Sailor V, there are rumors that it will be compressed into a single volume, but I have yet to find a source for this piece of information. UPDATE: I found another Japanese source that indeed confirms that the Sailor V manga will be produced as well.

-Also, according to the same blog, a Memorial DVD collection of the Classic anime is also set to make an appearance. One volume per each Sailor will be released each month beginning in October.  (I wonder if they took inspiration from the Mexican TALK-BOXES!! :O!!)

Alright, that's about it for updates and official news. I know much of this info has already been out for a while but I really strive to find OFFICIAL SOURCES for you guys and translate as accurately as I can. Official sites aren't exactly easy to find, or filled with info.

-According to this blog, there will be a few events starting in the fall. No further news have been announced but we can follow the dates via the SailorMoon Channel.

Please keep checking back, there might be more news popping up here and there and I will try to share it for you here at the Sailor Moon Obsession blog! :D