December 9, 2012

M°Onie tunes - Episode 16.

Hello Moonie Lovahs!

Yes, I know this podcast is late. We recorded it at the beginning of November and it is already December, but you know, life happens. But worry not! Not much has happened since then so it's pretty much up to date! This episode we have a guest who has been with us before. Ramses from Plastic Joint is here to tell us all about those AMAZINGLY DIVINE HS FigurArts and ChibiArts figurines. He's a collector and expert in the line, so he'll fill you in on all you need to know about them. Also we answered a lot of your questions from Facebook and Twitter, so hang around to see if we answered yours!
Hope you LAWL! :D

Moonie Tunes Episode 16!!

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Eku, Ramses, Brad and Cycyn.

Links to the stuff we talked about after the jump!

- Official Sailor Moon Website
Plastic Joint
All boy Moonies Moonie Tunes episode
SailorMoon in Spain

Mistakes on the Spanish mangas, via Sailor Moon España.

 -Sailor Moon airing in Germany
- SailorMoon artbook announcement by Kodansha
- Sailor Moon manga vol. 8 for sale now
- HotTopic Silhouette t-shirt
-GEAnimation Tuxedo Mask body pillow

SailorMoon manga boxset for sale here.
SailorMoon Toon Makers Animation Cels

Saban Moon intro video
- SH Figuarts and ChibiArt Sailor Moon figures

Brad's video at the Tamashii Nations event.

- Places to pre-order the figurines (not available yet):
Hobby Link

Dead Moon Circus fan Movie (Australian production) 

Sailor Moon the Movie