March 15, 2012

M°Onie tunes - Episode 10!

Hello again LUNAtics!!

I've missed the SMObss SO MUCH!!!!  As many of you know, I have been crossing the final path to reach graduation date and it has been hectic, but now that I've crossed the line, I have some time before getting into the workforce so the blog is getting updated. YAY!

MArch 7th marked the 20th Anniversary of the first airing of Sailor Moon on Japanese Television. While we were hoping for a big celebration from Toei or on the Sailor Moon Channel, the date came by and went without so much as a shout-out from either of the main participants. But other media with loud voices does give a little nudge to our heroine, namely the LA Times ( ironically enough, Toei's FB posted a scan of it).

This episode was recorded a few days before the actual anniversary, so it's been like two weeks now. But other than a few shirts and extra bags, not a lot more has changed, so it should be up to date. So, Without further ado, M°OnieTunes Episode 10!!

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Eku, Brad and Cycyn

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