January 27, 2013

I saw and didn't buy it on Ebay. Volume 22

Time for a very frustrating but fun new edition of "I saw it and didn't buy it on eBay", where I scream and rant about rare, hard-to-find or incredibly desirable Sailor Moon collectibles that I see on eBay, Y!J or any other store and I DON'T buy. Reasons for not acquiring the Moon shinnies range from high cost, to a last second outbidding, to OMG I TOTES FORGOT, to it's cute but it doesn't exactly fit the type of collectibles I'm after.

Such is the case with these next ADORABLE items I found on Ebay, and I'm sure a bunch of you guys saw or were watching the auction for them as well. These super adorable paper lanterns are –needless to say– pretty rare and seldom do they appear up for sale.  For that reason, their prices sky rocketted. The Jupiter and Venus sold for around 70 dollars, and the Sailor Moon one fetched over $150 dollars! wow!! Talk about a hot collectible!

Just a great find that some very lucky Sailor Moon fan acquisitions (whoever managed to get it), but I love to post and share rare finds like this so that we're aware of what kind of collectibles are out there! So cute x3

Seller: MitsueJapan