February 4, 2013

M°Onie tunes - Episode 17

Long time no podcast! Guess what?

  It's Moonie Tunes' SECOND ANNIVERSARY!! 

Can you believe it!? TWO years we've been making this show and it's been awesome! We've had boy Moonies, collectors, big big news and tons of lawls on MT, but we still have so much more to do (specially getting more interviews and stuff!) Moonie Tunes started with only Eku and I at first, but Brad soon became a permanent host (and pretty much the star of the show!) and we've had non-stop fun and adventures since then!

On this episode, we address the non-news we've had for the last three months! LOL YES! There haven't been many happenings these last few months, but westill find plenty of topics to talk about, like the @Osabu8 twitter account and such! Also we answered some your questions from Facebook and Twitter, and engage in a kind of serious discussion about "Fake Geek girls".  Keepin' it real yo!


Moonie Tunes Episode 17!!

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Eku, Brad and Cycyn.

Links to the stuff we talked about after the jump!

- Official Sailor Moon Website
Sailor Moon World Italy
- Sailor Moon German
- Sailor Moon manga vol. 9 for sale now
- Sailor Moon Short Stories vol 1 for preorder
- Osabu's official Twitter
- Osabu's English Twitter (translations by Elly)
- HotTopic new senshi t-shirt
Interesting Fake Geek Girl article

Sakky's Sailor Osabu drawing xD!