April 29, 2013

Figuarts and where to pre-order them.

Check out this amazing preview video! SO AMAZING! CANNOT WAIT! 

Hey Moonies!

It's been really rough for me these last few days, been sick and work and boring stuff, also trying to get the podcast out on time, but I HAVE been following all the news through Twitter and other venues, so I'm not totally disconnected! And as *ALL* of you might have heard already from aaaaaaall around the internet, there's a lot of excitement in the Moonieverse because we now have official info about the highly anticipated S.H. Figurarts and also a bunch of official pics! Most of you might have seen these already but they're still an eye candy and worthy to re-post. Not only that, but we also have a release date!! This is a huge huge deal because it is the first official figure to come out of Japan for the 20th Anniversary. I mean, they even updated the always neglected Sailor Moon Channel for crying out loud! XD Check out the Channel ad! Doesn't Usagi look ahmazing?

The Figuarts Facebook and other sources have confirmed the figure will be officially for sale in August of 2013, priced around 4410 yen, (roughly about $43 USD) but many Japan toy sites who deal figures in international markets are starting to offer pre-orders as of right now. Here is a list of places that will offer or are currently offering the Sailor Moon S.H. Figuarts. Keep in mind that I personally have never ordered from these sites, so I cannot speak of the reliability of these shops. You'll just have to go with your instinct and check around to see the store's reputation. As far as I know, all of these are honest, but I don't know about shipping times and costs. Good luck Moonies!

Places to pre-order the Sailor Moon S.H. Figurarts:

More will be added as the appear. Here are a few other pics of the figure that have been popping up in various hobby magazines and other sources. Below also appear pics of Luna who will be included in the set, and also a couple of Usagi's interchangeable face plates, a winky face and a crying face that will only come in the first edition of the figures. So hurry and pre-order yours if you want the little extras! This doll is amazing and I'm sure none of us want to miss out!

Good luck Moonies!