July 18, 2013

S.H. Figurarts Sailor Jupiter!

This year's San Diego Comic-Con has officially begun and Sci-Fi/Comic book/Animation/Toy fans everywhere are gathering in California to go see the latest products that will hit stores in the near future. This year I had planned to attend this year because back in January (when the badges were sold) we still had hope the new Sailor Moon animation would air in the summer, and maybe they'd make an announcement at the con (it will be a worldwide release after all) with a potential panel with special guests? Maybe?

Unfortunately we now know this isn't the case with the anime and we have also had official word from Kodansha that the new Sailor Moon artbook planned for winter of this year has been pushed back until 2014 so we won't be getting any special previews or announcements on that either. Kondansha doesn't have a booth at SDCC this time, so there's no chance to go pick up promotional posters or pins like the ones they were handing out last year. All in all, there is only one good thing us Moonies have gotten out of this convention but it's a great one! We finally have a first look at the S.H. Figuarts Sailor Jupiter prototype figure!! And she does not disappoint guys, she's amazing! 

Source of pictures: Figuradictos and TuxedoMarsRedux

As you can see, only her eyes have been colored but this is quite amazing, somehow they've managed tot accomplish something we've never had before: Anime accurate facial features! All our previous dolls/toys hardly ever replicate the shape and character accurately and Tamashii Nations has not let us down at all. Jupiter looks incredible! So do Mars, Mercury and Moon. I know we've seen Moon Figuarts a bunch of times by now, but I fall in love with her all over every time I see pearly shimmer on her skirt/bow/boots or the golden touches on her brooch/tiara. I'm loving this line so much! ;_;!!!

More updates to come!