July 26, 2013

Updates on GEA, Figuarts and LEGEND figurines!

Wow! We certainly are one spoiled bunch of fans! (maybe not as spoiled as say, Disney or StarWars fans, but you get the idea). Just three years ago, we were all super sad that our beloved franchise was being overlooked by the industry and publishers. This year alone we've gotten so many goodies we can hardly keep up and they just throwing collectibles at us guys!!! Here are a few products that will hit the market very soon. Most aren't available for purchase just yet, but that's a good thing! I think we certainly need some time to save up for all these goodies! Haha!!

First: The GE Animation Boxed Figures! We had been promised these cuties a few months ago, but it takes a long time for design, licenses, contracts, production and quality checks to go through but now we finally have confirmation that these figures have been approved and will be hitting shelves sometime in August. It is listed as "available now", so I'm sure it'll pop up in stores such as Circlered, Right Stuf, and maybe even Amazon eventually.

The price is about $30 dollars plus shipping. While most Moonies are a bit disappointed by the high price point and low quality/zero posability of these figurines, I personally think it's still a cute collectible and I absolutely adore the box they have designed for her. Definitely picking one of these up along with the Tuxedo Mask which is also going through the production and approval process at the moment.

Also, during the week, we got a sneak peek at the Sailor Venus Figurarts prototype, bringing this to a total of 5 senshi confirmed to be released. We definitely want the whole gang, and sales are going pretty good for these, so we just might get more! Sincerely hope so! No exact release date for these yet, but I will tweet as soon as pre-orders are ready. Release dates aren't until 2014 though so be patient Moonies. 

Update: A picture of colored Sailor Mars Figuarts has surfaced and she looks amazing! That res is not intense and sexy. I am totally loving this line of figurines.

And finally, today some very special pictures have surfaced. We finally have a look at the prototypes of the LEGEND Studio figures that were initially scheduled to come out this past May. The name tag has the Toei logo, so these are definitely licensed toys. The size (8-10" inches) and material (PVC) are very similar to the Figuarts, so we have to look instead at the difference in the facial features, the hair, and the delicate details like postures and expressions.  Judging by the pictures below, these figures will also include interchangeable face plates and maybe even hair pieces too? The Moon Spiral Heart rod is also another feature we get with this doll and I think we can all agree that this new toy is particularly fascinating. My guess is that this company began producing these dolls from Season S so that we can have all senshi produced. There's no exact release date available for these yet, it only says that sometime late 2013. Many of us are quite impressed with these dolls and they have been received very positively by fans across all social media!!

 Also, on LEGEND Studio's FB wall, they have confirmed they will push to release all senshi, in fact, they state they want to make 10, so we might get a ChibiMoon o maybe even Tuxedo Mask? Ooooo. This is going to be interesting.

 Update 2: During the WF2013 expo, yet another prototype of a future line of Sailor Moon figures has appeared! This time it appears to be a Figuarts Zero type although it's not exactly clear why the Volks logo is on the name tag. Probably a collaboration between design teams? Not really sure. Obviously this figure is static, but the hair strands and the dynamic pose tell me this line is going to be CRAZY gorgeous! I hope we get to see more pics soon and colored figs too!

Will keep you posted when they're available to pre-order guys! n.n