December 17, 2013

Sailor Moon Kanzenban manga (20th anniversary edition).

Here's a quick description of the new 20th anniversary (kanzenban) mangas and the main differences between it and the 2003 edition (shinsouban). Some of you had a few gerenal questions about size and quality and some were wondering if they are worth it. These editions are getting better with each new re-print, so personally, I do think they are worth it, but it's up to you to decide if the upgrades are worth the price for you ($20-ish dollars).

Some other things I forgot to mention in the video: It is the same manga as the previous ones. The story is the same, the drawings are the same. We still have no word on a re-print of Sailor V or the Short Stories, but as soon as we know anything, I'll share the info. These new mangas will be published monthly in Japan and it is projected to be a 12 volume set. About a year ago, we heard we also will be getting a new Naoko Takeuchi Sailor Moon artbook. It is said that it will be a single volume that will compile a few of her older works and some new illustrations. I believe the covers for these kanzenban mangas will be included in the art book, but I hope we get some other illustrations we haven't seen before so it won't be redundant. There will also be a few exclusive illustrations in a few of them, but we won't have the details quite yet, it's not scheduled for release until fall 2014, so we will have to wait a while.

 Finally, inside the latest Nakayoshi monthly comic, came a free set of collectible postcards which included a one with the volume 1 cover art. Also inside the pages of the magazine came a flier that shows what volume 3 and volume 4 of the kanzenban mangas will look like! These are never before seen illustrations so it's wonderful to see new stuff! (The prints are tiny, so scaling them up causes a bit of distortion). A friend in Japan (@killmeneko) was super generous to send me the postcard and the flier that came in the magazine! Thank you Sarah!

Links to buy the Kanzenban mangas: JList: Volume 1 Volume 2, CdJapan: Volume 1 Volume 2, YesAsia: Volume 1 Volume 2