Moonie Tunes

 Moonie Tunes is a monthly podcast hosted by Cycyn with regular co-hosts Eku Egao and Brad from  The views expressed on the show are our own and are not paid for in any way. We try to bring you the latest news in Sailor Moon manga, anime, live action and musicals all over the world.

Want to be a guest on MoOnie Tunes
Please read the following guidelines.

MoOnie Tunes is a portal and stage for Sailor Moon fans to express their experiences in the fandom, ideas for the future of the series, tips for collectors and news about the franchise. Almost anyone is invited to join the pocast as long as you follow the guidelines and if we have a spot available. Sometimes we have scheduled guests or particular topics we want to talk about and they take priority. Here are the basic guidelines to join us:

1. All participants must be at least 18 years old. We have had younger guests on the podcast before, but this is a new rule we have added because of prior problems.

2. Participants must be Sailor Moon fans. While this seems like an unnecessary statement, we want to make it clear that this is the focus of the show, we don't want random people just looking for attention.

3. Participants must have a history of interaction with us. If you are somebody who has expressed interest in being a guest, but yet, have never posted a comment on the SMObss blog/Facebook, tweeted with us or responded in any way, chances are, we don't know who you are and we can't invite you. Would you invite a complete stranger off the street into your house? Same situation here.

4. Participants must have a social network. This can be either Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, an updated blog or YouTube channel. This for us and other Moonies to connect and interact with you before and after the show.

5. Participants must watch their language. Yes, MoOnie Tunes has its darker undertones, but we mostly stay away from bleepable words. Please try to keep clean.

6. Not a requirement, but it would be nice if the participant has "liked" us on Facebook. What's the point in joining a podcast that you don't "like", right?

7. Not a requirement either, but participants are highly encouraged to bring on the lolz. MoOnie Tunes has a relaxed, fun environment. We do not seek to attack other individuals or focus on the negative aspects of the fandom. We enjoy the series and focus on all the positive feelings it evokes. We also enjoy a nice cup of tea... cookies too.

8. Not a requirement, but it would be nice if both participants and listeners could help us spread the word about the podcast! We want the news about the series to reach as many Moonies as possible! Sprinkle the world with Mooniness :D

If you cover all requirements and would like to be on the show, we will no longer take requests via Facebook or Twitter. The ONLY way I will consider inviting you is if you send me an email which you can find in the "contacts" tab. If you really want to be on the podcast, a brief explanation of what you would like to talk about would be nice. A simple "I wanna join" won't get me really excited to invite have you, MAKE ME WANT to invite you :D!

If you have been invited:

1. Participants are required to have:
a) A somewhat decent internet connection. Broadband internet is best to keep a stable connection.
b) The latest version of Skype. A webcam is not necessary, this is a voice-only interaction.
c) A good microphone. Most standard microphones are okay, if yours has too much noise, then please buy a new one.

2. Time is a very delicate factor in our podcasts. Because everybody is in a different Time Zone, it might be difficult to agree on a particular time, if one person misses the date, arranging another gathering is not always easy or convenient for all. Please be on time for the designated hour.

3. Recordings take anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours to record, depending on what we want to talk about and how much material we need to cover, so be prepared to spend at least 2 hours completely devoted to the podcast.

4. Prepare your materials. We normally list out the topics just before we record, but if you would like to talk about something specific, be sure to have your information, sources and/or stats ready.

5. I cannot stress this enough: Bring on the LOLZ. :p

6. Have a good Moonie time! It's what this is all about ^^


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